Let’s Turn Virginia Blue!

Who we are.

Turn It Blue DC organizes District residents to support voter mobilization efforts in key Northern Virginia swing districts. Borne from the enthusiasm of Swing Left and similar organizations, we are a grassroots initiative made up volunteers passionate about putting more progressives in public office. Whether a seasoned campaigner or political newbie, we invite you to join us and direct your enthusiasm in a way that maximizes national impact.

Our impact.

We are supporting some of the state legislature races in Virginia for the elections THIS YEAR in 2017.

The state races are especially important this year. The GOP has systematically used stricter voter registration laws, stricter voter ID laws and gerrymandering (unfair redistricting practices) to suppress voters and gain significant ground. We can stop this by turning the Virginia state legislature blue.

And getting our boots on the ground now will lay the foundation for turning the VA-10 Congressional seat blue in the 2018 election.

Turn it Blue DC is kicking off it’s support for David Reid in VA-32 against the GOP incumbent Tag Greason. Not only is David a terrific, progressive candidate, but he is also running unopposed so we are ready to focus our energies on the general election from day one. Though currently held by the GOP, the 32nd district is a blue district that voted for Hilary and we think it’s a very winnable race if we can turn out the vote.

How you can get involved.

Simply sign up and we will be in touch with ways to be involved.

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